Christopher Columbus Ship Craft

The Nina, the pinta, & the santa maria

Christopher Columbus Ship Craft

What do I need?

  • Paper Plate
  • Glue
  • Crayons, Markers or Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft – Popsicle Sticks

What do I do?

  • Color or paint bottom side of paper plate blue, like the sea
  • Fold plate in half with the colored side on the outside
  • Cut out “ships” from construction paper – Use photo as a guideline
  • The ships should be 3 different sizes
  • Glue bottom of ships to back of one side of your plate
  • Color or paint your craft sticks
  • Glue sticks to backs of all 3 ships
  • Cut out 3 sails from construction paper and to front of craft sticks
  • Set sail with Christopher Columbus!!!!

Christopher Columbus Ship Craft

Send in a photo of YOUR Christopher Columbus ship craft. We would love to share your creation with our readers online!

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Fall Leaf Wreath Craft

Fall Leaf Wreath Craft


Fall Leaf Wreath Craft

What do I need?

Fall colored construction paper


paper plate

pipe cleaner, or tape



leaf template

What do I do?

Cut out center of paper plate to form a wreath shape.

Print out several copies of leaf template. Option 1 – Color and cut pictures or Option 2 – trace onto construction paper and cut.

Glue leaves onto wreath, starting with the largest leaf on top. Cover entire wreath with leaves so no plate is visible.

Hang by either attaching a pipe cleaner ring to the back of the wreath or secure with tape or ribbon and a hole punch.


Thankful Turkey Craft

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Turkey Ornament Craft

Thankful Turkey”

Christmas Ornament

Printable Activity/Craft for Thanksgiving

EASY & Fun Activity for Thanksgiving Dinner.


Use the free templates. You can print either the colored turkey or print and color your own blank turkey. Give each guest at your dinner their own “Thankful Turkey”. Ask your guest to write their name on the back and share what they are most thankful for. Have each guest read aloud before enjoying your Thanksgiving feast. After your dinner, gather each guest’s turkey. Use a hole punch at the white circle. (Optional) Cover with contact paper. Stack turkeys on top of each other and secure together with pretty colored Christmas ribbon. Place on your Christmas tree to remember all your blessings this Christmas!

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Fall Tree Craft

Fall Tree Leaf Craft

Autumn leaves are falling down craft

Here is a very simple craft idea. Go on a nature walk and enjoy the colors and treasures of Autumn. While enjoying your walk, gather pretty leaves, acorns, etc. for your craft project.

Fall Leaf Collection

See our pretty collection of leaves! We live in the south and

our leaves have not really started to change colors yet.

Fall Leaf Craft

Gather construction paper, a crayon or pencil and glue. Spread your arm out on the paper and trace your arm and your fingers. See above. This creates your fall tree. Color the tree brown. Place a thin layer of glue on your tree branches and place your fall treasures on top of the glue. Add more glue to the bottom of your tree and place leaves there, as if they have fallen.

Fall Tree Leaf Craft for Kids

Here is our completed Fall Tree Leaf Craft! Fall is FUN!

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