Pumpkin Man Craft

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Pumpkin Man Craft

What Do I Need?

  • Paper Plate
  • Crayons, Markers or Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors (Jagged Edge or Pattern Scissors work best)
  • Glue

What Do I Do?

  • Color or paint your paper plate orange
  • Using straight edge scissors, cut out pumpkins eyes, nose, mouth, trunk and leaf
  • Using pattern scissors (if available) cut out arms and legs.
  • Legs will require two pieces of orange paper glue together.
  • Fold arms and legs over and under to create an accordion appearance
  • Glue eyes, nose, mouth, trunk, and leaf to complete
  • Display your pumpkin man by hanging with a hole punch & ribbons.

Pumpkin Man Craft

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