The New Taylor Royale Blog for Teenage Girls


     I would like to invite you all to preview a new blog for teenage girls. This blog is brand new and was designed by a beautiful young girl who has a mission to share her faith in Jesus Christ with other young girls. She wants to share her experiences and struggles with others who are currently struggling as they make their way through the trials of middle and high school.

From her “About Me”

     I’m Taylor, an 18 year old college student with a passion for God and delivering His message to the world. (I am also passionate about all things beauty-related, films, and awkward things.)

Some time ago I was a middle school student suffering from severe mental distress due to bullying, pressures, and the questioning of my identity. This experience, while seemingly insignificant to the uninformed, paved the path for my entire life. I spent many, many years covered in insecurity, self-esteem issues, self-hate, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, and depression. I engaged in self-destructive activities, such as self-harm. There were many times where I felt as though all hope was lost. However, God had a different plan for me. Through his miraculous power, he took me on a journey that led me towards healing, forgiveness, and ultimately towards loving myself.

I now live with the knowledge that the struggles, pain, and trials I endured were all allowed so that a greater glory might be achieved. My heart now overflows with passion for the youth of today walking the same dark road I used to know so well, because, unfortunately, I’m aware that this is an all too-common experience for teenagers. Even more unfortunate is that very few people seem to challenge or question this oftentimes traumatic time in most teenager’s lives, writing it off as a normal part of the societal flow – something “everybody goes through”. This is what I intend to change, and the healing of the broken through God’s truth is now the mission and purpose of my life.

I now live my life with the confidence that comes only from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and the passion to spread the message given to me with the lost and the hurting in this world.

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