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All About Jesus
Bible Study For Kids

Do you want to know more about Jesus?
Do you want to know more about the Bible?
Do you want to meet friends and study God's word together?
Do you want to have fun, enter contests, & play games?

"All About Jesus" Bible Study for Kids is an ongoing and interactive Bible study designed just for you kids. Kids from all around the world will be participating and you will have the opportunity to share and discuss God's word with them.

"All About Jesus" Bible Study for Kids is part of the "Homeschooled Kids Online" website and is the central and most important part of the site.

We welcome you to join with us and have a blast learning "All About Jesus" and what He means to you and your life.

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"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

Introduction & Lesson #1

The Bible is a very important book and one that you probably have heard of before. You may know a little about the Bible, nothing about the Bible or a whole lot about the Bible. Our Bible study is going to assume that you know nothing about the Bible and we are going to study together about this amazing book.

For our study, we suggest that you have a few items handy. First of all, it's a great idea to have a Bible with you. If you do not own a Bible and would like to purchase one, check these resources. If you prefer, you can open up an Online Bible right here on the web and study along.

Our studies together are going to include reference sheets, study pages and other printables. These sheets are designed to fit into a 3 ring binder which you can buy anywhere.

That's all you need to study with us!

If you are ready, then let's get started!!!

Before we study together today, let's say a prayer that God will help us understand what he is trying to teach us with His word.

Our Adventure Begins!

The Bible is the most exciting book in the whole world. You may be amazed to learn that in the Bible are stories of narrow escapes from an enemies sword, the creation of the whole universe, fire from the sky, and the parting of an entire sea. There are stories of evil kings, angels with powers to open prison doors and the most important story of all - the story of a little baby born in a manger. You will be fascinated to read about this little baby who was the most important person to ever live and who wants to get to know you and change your whole life.

The Bible is full of exciting stories and they are all true - not fiction. The Bible is a historical document and even though it is very old it is still important today. The Bible contains so much information to help you live a wonderful life. The Bible is full of advice, poetry and so much more. The most important part of the Bible though is the Big Promise that you will find throughout the entire Bible.

In the Old Testament, the promise was that a saviour for man was coming.

In the New Testament, the promise was that a saviour had come.

How Does the Bible All Fit Together?

First of all, the Bible is divided into 2 main parts, The Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is made up of 39 smaller books and the New Testament is made up of 27 smaller books.

Each book in the Bible is also divided into chapters and verses. It is really easy to look up a verse in the Bible. For example:

John 3:16 is found in the book of John, in the 3rd chapter and the 16th verse.

The Old Testament

The old testament is the first part of the 2 main parts of the Bible. The Old Testament is filled with the promise of a coming saviour for mankind. You will find this promise everywhere!

The Old Testament is divided into 39 smaller books. The first 5 books in the Old Testament are called the "Books of the Law."

"Books of the Law"


The first 5 books are very exciting books. By studying these 5 books, we will learn how God created the universe. We will also learn how God created a special nation - a nation that God called His own. We will read a very excting story how God took His people out of slavery, brought them through the Red Sea, fed them food from the sky and water from rocks. We will learn in these first 5 books how God asked His people to obey His laws and how over and over again, His people disobeyed Him. The most important thing we will learn together is that God made a promise to man to make all things right again.

The next 12 books in the Old Testament are called the Books of History.

"The Books of History"

First Samuel
Second Samuel
First Kings
Second Kings
First Chronicles
Second Chronicles

The History Books of the Old Testament contain the story of how God created His special nation, Israel. We will read and learn together about how God gave His people a new homeland and how he treated His people so nicely. God loved His nation and He helped them is many ways. God helped them pick their kings and even helped them win battles against their enemies. Sadly we will also learn how God's people were not appreciative of all He did for them. God's people forgot about Him and they did what they wanted instead of what God desired them to do. God's special nation is broken into 2 halves and then taken away by their enemies. But God loved His people even though they forgot about Him. When God's people are taken away by their enemies, the only hope they have is the promise God makes to them. God promises to give them back their nation and to send them the greatest king they have ever known.

After the History books of the Old Testament come the Books of Poetry.

"The Books of Poetry"

Song of Solomon

The poetry books in the Bible describe how wonderful and majestic God is. In these books, we will receive advice on how to live our lives. Once again, the promise that God will send a saviour for man is also found in these books.

The last part of the Old Testament contains the books of the prophets.

Books of Major Prophets


Books of Minor Prophets


Prophets were messengers of God. God communicated to Israel, His nation, through these special messengers. Sometimes God used the prophets to warn his people that they should be obedient. God also used His prophets to tell His people about the promise of the coming king.

The New Testament

The New Testament is the second of the 2 main parts of the Bible. The New Testament is very exciting because we learn how God keeps His promise to the nation of Israel, and to us. Men who were alive and saw God's promise come true tell us all about what happened.

The first 4 books of the New Testament are called the Gospels.

The Gospels


In the 4 books of the Gospel, we will learn about the birth of Jesus. Jesus was the Saviour that God had promised the world. We will learn together about the life of Jesus and the miracles that He performed. Most importantly, we will read about what Jesus did on the cross for you and me and how this made God's promise come true. We will also learn that Jesus came back from death and is in Heaven today preparing an eternal home for us. You will be thrilled to learn that Jesus will also come back to earth someday!

In the book of Acts, you will learn about the History of the church and read about many miracles.



The New Testament contains many letters written by Paul.

(Letters to churches)

1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians

(Letters to Individuals)

1 Timothy
2 Timothy

Paul is one of the most interesting people in the New Testament. In the beginning of Paul's life, he did not like Jesus. He hated people who believed in Him and he wanted to kill them. In a major display of God's power, Paul becomes one of Jesus' best servants. Paul went around to many places and started many different churches. Paul wrote letters to these churches and gave them instructions on their behavior and what God wanted them to believe. Paul also wrote many letters to individuals during this time.

Paul was not the only person to write letters about Jesus during this time in history. Many other believers in Jesus wrote letters about Jesus. These letters were written to encourage and help the new believers in Jesus. Believing in Jesus during this period of history was not easy and sometimes people were killed for this belief. These letters helped the believers to stand strong in their new faith.

General Letters

1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John

The last book of the Bible is written by a man whom Jesus loved very much.



The very last book in God's word, the Bible is called Revelation. A man named John wrote this book. John was one of Jesus' disciples. God "revealed" to John part of the future of the world. God showed John many things that would happen at the end of time when Jesus returns to earth. John wrote about what God showed him. Someday, Jesus will come back to earth and every person will know that Jesus is the greatest King ever!

Printable Activities & Reference Sheets For Bible Study

Bible Study Cover Sheet
Reference Sheet #1
Reference Sheet #2
Reference Sheet #3
Reference Sheet #4
Introduction & Lesson #1 Quiz

How exciting to learn about God and His plan for our lives!

We hope you will join our studies and become a part of our online community. God loves you very much and He desires for you to be part of His family and to spend forever in Heaven with Him someday!

Let's say a little closing prayer today.

Dear Father,

Thank you for allowing us to learn about you today. We know that you brought us together not by accident but by your purpose and design. We know you are a wonderful loving Father and that you care about everything that happens to us. We want to thank you for loving us and for sending us a promised saviour. Thank you for giving us the Bible so that we can learn about you and your plan for our lives. Please continue to be with us today and help us to see what your plan for us today will be. We ask that you help us do everything and only things that will allow others to see Jesus through us and our actions. Please forgive us when we make mistakes today. We ask everything in Jesus name. Amen.





For more information on joining our studies, visit here!

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