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October Newsletter for Kids

Now Online!!!

October Newsletter for Kids

Fall Festival Crafts, Recipe Fun, Printable Activities and SOOO Much More!


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Ideas for a fun-filled
Fall Festival!

Alternative ideas for October 31st :)


Christian Thanksgiving Printable Packet- Printable Packet for Kids

Now Online!!!

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79 Page Packet of Printable Fall Activities

A Thanksgiving Unit Study designed to enrich your Thanksgiving holiday. In additional to the numerous printable activities, your child will learn that the gate to God's heart is always open and that God loves them.

Learn all about pilgrims and the holiday of Thanksgiving through crafts, activities and recipes.

Thanksgiving Word Cards Traceable Word Cards
The Letters T & F & Handwriting Activities
Letter T Sound Activity
Pilgrim Facts
Name That Pilgrim
Pilgrim Fill In the Blank Quiz
Thanksgiving Matching Word Game
Thanksgiving Vocabulary Words
Easy Thanksgiving Recipe Fun for Kids
Turkey Math & Numbers 1 & 9
Turkey Printable Number Cards/Matching Game
Numbers 1 & 9 Handwriting Practice
Turkey Number Matching Fun
Create Your Own Thanksgiving Book
Thanksgiving Maze & Word Search
My Handprint Turkey - Craftivity
Thanksgiving Word Scramble
An Autumn Placemat - Craftivity
The Open Gate - A Bible Devotion/Lesson
Bible Memory Cards
Traceable Thanksgiving Words
Thanksgiving Size Activity
Thanksgiving Pattern Fun
The Color Orange & Activities
The Color Orange Handwriting Activity
& More!!!

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Fall Lapbook Fun!

Learn All About Autumn! Fall Festival Ideas, Crafts, Printables, Puzzles, The Four Seasons, Pumpkin Facts & More!

For More Fall Festival Ideas, Visit our Fall Festival Party Idea Page

Fall Festival
Celebrate Here with Homeschooled Kids! Fall Festival Ideas & Party Tips
Fall Festival Games and Activities

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October 31st will arrive very soon and here you will find many ideas to help you prepare for a fun-filled fall festival! God has given us so many wonderful blessings with the fall season and now is the time to celebrate all that he has given us.

Let the festival begin!


bears pumpkin
Bring Your Own Pumpkin :)

Have your guest bring their own pumpkin for a Fall Festival carving contest! Ask them to pre-hollow their pumpkin before coming to the party :) Definitely less messy this way! Awards for the silliest, cutest, smallest, largest, etc. should be awarded! You supply art supplies such as markers, carving tools, yarn, glue, glitter, pompoms etc.

OR: You could have each guest decorate their own pumpkin prior to their arrival :)


Printable Pumpkin Carving Templates - from Parent's Magazine.

Pumpkin Carving 101 - for the NON experts ;)

*** Carve a cross in YOUR pumpkin and tell your guest that Jesus is the light of the world! ***

fall leaves

Fall Festival Idea! Have a "theme" costume party. For example: your guests could all come in 50's costumes or as famous Americans. (George Washington, Betsy Ross, statue of Liberty, Abe Lincoln :) - you get the idea! Be creative and put those neurons to work! A costume contest is definitely in order with awards for "Most Original," "Funniest," and of course "Best Costume!"

Fall Printable Activities

Back to School Booklet Booklet Cover
Back to School Wordsearch
Back to School Fall Words - ABC Order Black/White
Back to School Fall Words - ABC Order Color
Back to School Fall Counting Game - Color
Back to School Fall Counting Game - Black/White
Back to School F is For... Black/White
Back to School F is For...Color
Color Apple Picture
Color School Backpack
Color School Boy and Apple
Color School Boy with Books
Color Computer Kids
Color Girl Friends
Color Girl With Books
Color Girl Reading Book
Color Hug Mom
Color Scissors
Color Stack of Books
Color Teacher At Blackboard
Color Teacher At Blackboard 2
First Day of Fall Wordsearch
September 2011 Calendar Free Calendar
Color Your Back To School Booklet Cover

Create Your Own Pumpkin Head!!!

racoons and pumpkin


lil scarecrows

Fall Festival - Decorate The Scarecrow

Use pillowcases for heads, markers and newspapers for stuffing. Have old clothes around such as flannel shirts, hats, ugly ties etc :)

See who can create the funniest scarecrow in 15 minutes!



tired lil bear

Fall Festival - Hidden Candies!

Before your guest arrive, hide candy all over your house. Be creative and hide candy in little pumpkins or candy bags. It's just like an Easter Egg Hunt so the quickest will surely also be the fullest! Be sure and have extra candy on hand for those who come up short ;)



cooking bears

Fall Festival Party Food

What party would be complete without munchies! You have 2 options for feeding your guest - you can either served them dinner with dessert or have them come later in the evening and serve finger foods :)

pkin Featuring our Fall Festival Main Dish Ideas

pkin Fabulous Fall Finger Food Ideas

pkin Fall Festival Desserts

Pkin Dessert
Perfect Pumpkin Dessert - from Southern Living

pkin Punch & Beverage Ideas

Fill a large bucket or tub with ice and stock with beverages. Steer clear from sodas and other high sugar/caffeine type drinks. Juices, water, gatorade etc. all make good choices :)

Punch Recipes




Caramel Apples

1 1/2 tbsp. butter
1 1/2 cups light brown sugar
6 tbsp. water
Popsicle sticks
8 to 10 apples (McIntoshes work well)

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the brown sugar and water. Stir until it has a smooth consistency. Gently bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 3 minutes, until the pan's sides get steamy and the mixture is thin but somewhat sticky. Remove from heat. Pierce the center of each apple with a Popsicle stick, then swirl in the caramel syrup until coated. Place apples on a greased cookie sheet to harden. Refrigerate for at least 1 to 2 hours. Serves 8 to 10.


fall leaves


racoon and pie

Fall Festival Cookie Decorating

Let your guests decorate their own cookies for dessert! Make a batch of basic sugar cookies. Provide them with icing, sprinkles, candies, and gummies to create a cookie masterpiece!





southern living celebration

Southern Living - Celebrates Oct. 31st

Recipe Ideas from Southern Living

Tips for a Perfect Fall Festival from Southern Living Online

  • Choose a party theme. Plan your menu and make a checklist. Getting organized is the key to successful entertaining.
  • Etch or print handmade invitations on construction or handmade papers.
  • Light the inside of carved pumpkins and gourds with candles or use cordless battery-powered candles.
  • Embellish the driveway, sidewalk, windowsills, door knocker, lamppost, and front porch with odd-size pumpkins, vines, and green and white gourds.
  • Attach natural swags or vines to the chair backs with twine.
  • Arrange one or two large displays to greet guests as they arrive. Include fall produce, gourds, nuts, mums, and dried leaves around the base of the arrangement. Cast-iron kettles make creative pots for plants.
  • Transform a garage, loft, or recreation room into a barn setting.
  • Enjoy your company. When you relax your guests will have a good time too.

bear friends


Fall Festival Party Activities

Open your party with pumpkin carving. Be sure and have a few pumpkins (already hollowed) on hand for guests who forget to bring their own. Have art supplies, carving templates, and carving supplies ready for this project. After your guests have finished decorating, place candles inside and present awards for the funniest, cutest, smallest, largest, etc.

After the carving, why not play a few silly games.

  • Pin the nose on the pumpkin :)

  • A Candy Hunt - (you hide the candy before the guests arrive)

  • Relay Races

  • Scavenger Hunt

Fall Festival Fun - By the time your guests have carved and played they are going to be very ready to EAT! Finish off the meal with a cookie decorating event. You supply each guest with a sugar cookie in the shape of a pumpkin. Have icing, sprinkles, candies etc. on hand for decorating.

If you live in a town that offers hayrides, this would be a great way to end the evening. Other fun party completers include providing each guest with a party favor bag. Fill with candies, wrapped carmel apple, little toys, etc.


Happy Thanksgiving!
A Thanksgiving Printable Packet
with over 65 pages printables pages
designed to enrich your Thanksgiving Holiday!

Fall Festival Idea - Now Online!!!!
God's Autumn Artistry - Why Leaves Change Color

Ecclesiastes 3:1 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens"

A Christian Printable Packet

God's Autumn Artistry" - "Why Leaves Change Color"

Celebrate the beauty of Fall and discover why leaves change colors. Our "God's Autumn Artistry" packet is a week long packet designed to educate your child about God's hand in our seasonal changes.

The packet includes:

Packet Includes:

Science - Why Do Leaves Change Colors
Printable Activity - Why Leaves Change Colors
Changing Leaves - Flash Cards
The Letter L - Formation Printable Sheet
Handwriting Sheets - Featuring Leaf Changing Words
Letter L Handwriting Sheets
Changing Leaf Vocabulary Words
Changing Leaf Matching Activity
A Leaf Craftivity
Changing Leaves Word Search
"God Created the Four Seasons" Bible Study
Bible Memory Verse - Handwriting
& More!

Pumpkin Patch - Printable Packet for Kids

Now Online!!!

Pumpkin Patch - Printable Packet for Kids

Pumpkin Patch

Let Your Light Shine - A Christian Themed Printable Packet

Fall Festival Ideas

A Christian based Literacy/Math Unit that includes:

The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin - Sequence Printable Activity
Pumpkin Life Cycle Word Cards
The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Handwriting Practice
The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Vocabulary & Coloring
Life Cycle Matching Fun
Life Cycle Word Search
The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Pattern Activity
Pumpkin Recipe for Kids
Pumpkin Craft
Letter P Handwriting Sheets
Pumpkin Facts
A Little Pumpkin Booklet
Pumpkin Math Printable Activity
Pumpkin Math Flash Cards
Pumpkin Math Missing Numbers
Pumpkin Math Maze Activity
Counting Pumpkins Printable Addition Activity
Numbers 1 - 10 (Handwriting Practice)
Let Your Light Shine - Bible Devotion
Christian themed Pumpkin Carving Templates
Bible Memory Verse
Coloring Fun & More!

Just Released!
A Fall Printable Packet
with over 60 pages printables pages
designed to enrich your Fall Season!
Fall Festival Ideas!

Available Now!

Pumpkin Patch - Printable Packet for Kids

Pumpkin Patch

Let Your Light Shine - A Christian Themed Printable Packet


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