Craft Stick Scarecrow for Kids

 My Craft Stick Scarecrow Craft

scarecrow craft for kids

What do I need?

Construction Paper

Googly Eyes or Sticker Eyes for your scarecrow

Pom Pom for scarecrow’s nose

Craft / Popsicle Stick

Crayons or Markers



What do I do?

Cut out circle (for scarecrow’s face) and color beige or nude

Cut out shirt shape (either construction paper or felt)

Cut out hat, strip for hat from construction paper or felt

Cut strips of paper or felt for hair

Color Craft Stick

Glue shirt to stick

Glue fingers to shirt

Using markers or crayons, draw mouth and cheeks

Apply eyes (sticker eyes or googly eyes)

Apply pom pom nose

Glue hair to top of head

Glue hat on top of hair

Glue hat strip decoration to complete your scarecrow :-)

scarecrow craft for kids

We hope you enjoy creating this simple and adorable scarecrow craft.

Happy fall!

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