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Homeschooled Supply Store


Homeschool Supply Store

Browse our shelves for homeschool curriculum suppliers, Bible Study resources, Foreign Languages, Educational Toys, Music & Art Suppliers, Language Arts, Math & Science, Preschool Resources & More!

Put your business on our shelves today!

"Homeschooled Kids" is proud to offer assistance to homeschooling families and businesses by helping them to connect through our "Teacher Supply Store."

Homeschooled Kids has been online since 1998. Millions of homeschooling families and educators have taken part in our homeschooling activities over the last 13 years. Thousands of homeschooling families have subscribed to our online newsletter and have participated in our online Bible studies.

Homeschooled Kids is proud to have an average "daily attendance" of over 6000 visitors daily. Our visitors are comprised mostly of homeschoolers and their families. Each and every entrance to the "Homeschooled Kids" website and the "All About Jesus" site will feature an entrance to the Homeschool Teacher's Supply Store. By placing your business on our shelves, you will receive more quality" visitors to your business.

The Homeschool Teacher's Supply Store is set up to feature category aisles allowing homeschoolers to easily find your particular product or service. We will even be happy to create an aisle for you if you do not find a category that suits your particular business.

Store Listing Details:

For only $30.00 for 6 months, you will be listed in up to 3 categories of your choice. For an extra $25.00, you can add a banner to your listing and be given priority placement.

To get your business placed on our shelves today, please visit "PayPal" and place your order. After making payment, you will be taken to our "processing" department where you will have the opportunity to customize your business listing. We will need the name of your business, the business url, a business description and the categories where you want your business located.

If your business does not currently have a web-site, "Homeschooled Teacher's Supply Store" will for an extra $30.00 monthly offer you a "store site" on our site. Your business located at "Homeschooled Kids" will include a 1-page site with your banner, your contact information and a detailed description of your site. You will have a choice of several designs for your "store front." Please contact us for more information:

"PayPal" is safe, secure and extremely easy to use. You do NOT need to be a member to use "PayPal." If you do not feel secure with online payment, you may e-mail us for check or money order instructions.

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$30.00 for
6 months

List my business or service WITHOUT a banner: (Up to 3 categories)

$55.00 for
6 months

List my business or service WITH a banner: (Up to 3 categories)

$60.00 for
6 months

List my business or service WITH a 1-page "store-front" located in the "Homeschooled Teacher's Supply Store."


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Homeschool Teacher's
Supply Store

Bringing homeschoolers and suppliers together!


Bringing homeschoolers and homeschool suppliers together!
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