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Back to School Devotional

Homeschooled Kis

The Fruit of the Spirit!
A Printable Booklet

A Season of Change

It is the time of year that most homeschoolers start back to school. Fall is just around the corner and arrives on September 23, 2011. Maybe you are happy about your "school" starting back or maybe you are sad to say goodbye to summer. Fall is a season of change and a time to get reorganized and prepared for the season ahead. It is very important to prepare your mind and heart for the challenges that the new school year might have for you. Try to remember the "Fruits of the Spirit" when preparing your heart and mind for the school year ahead.

Daniel 2:21 New International Version (NIV)

He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

"Back to School" For Homeschoolers is of course a little different than heading back to a classroom. The great thing about being a homeschooler is that you are always learning about God's wonderful world regardless of the season. But many homeschoolers do take a little break in the summer and fall is the beginning of their new school year.

Let's Get Back To Basics!


B is for the BIBLE which you should try to read everyday! Take an Online Bible Quiz


A is for a good positive ATTITUDE that you should have everyday towards your family, your friends, and your "teacher." Draw a picture of your family.


C is for the CREATOR who gave us all four seasons. Draw a picture of each of the four seasons


K is for KINDNESS - one of the Fruits of the Spirit. Print a "Fruit of the Spirit" Booklet.


T is for TRUTH - The Bible teaches us to always be truthful.


O is for OBEY - The Bible tells us to obey our parents.


B is for the BLESSINGS that come from knowing Jesus.


A is for AUTUMN - one of the four seasons that God created for us to enjoy. Coloring picture of Autumn


S is for SHARING - The Bible teaches us that it is good to share with those who are needy.


I is for Israel. View an interactive map of Israel.


C is for CARE - Jesus cares for and loves you.


S is for SALVATION - Jesus loves us and wants to save us!

Bears In Leaves

The First Day of Fall is September 23, 2011


My Back to School Booklet

Back to School Booklet Booklet Cover
Back to School Wordsearch
Color Apple Picture
Color School Backpack
Color School Boy and Apple
Color School Boy with Books
Color Computer Kids
Color Girl Friends
Color Girl With Books
Color Girl Reading Book
Color Hug Mom
Color Scissors
Color Stack of Books
Color Teacher At Blackboard
Color Teacher At Blackboard 2
First Day of Fall Wordsearch
September 2011 Calendar Free Calendar
Color Your Back To School Booklet Cover

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Visit our Online Fall Festival

Visit our Online Fall Festival

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